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🔸Noda — это экосистема совершенно новых продуктов, для успешного ведения криптобизнеса: NodaWallet, Noda.Pay, NodaNetwork.

▪️We believe that we have developed enough to move from the ICO format to the IEO format, which implies greater reliability and quality for our partners and investors.

We have created a high-quality and reliable product NodaWallet, which is used by thousands of people and are working on the Noda.Pay payment system.

▪️Now we are filing documents for registration of a company according to European standards.
In accordance with the European standard and a new stage from our roadmap, we are introducing the KYC system.

▪️Since March 25th we have received a lot of messages from our users asking them…


1 April — 1 May

Users who participated in the previous promotion 1.0 and 2.0 will receive a reward only for advertising actions (additional conditions).

MAIN CONDITIONS — 35 NCN [$30] — Link


We give NCN 💰🎁 for advertising actions.

Presentation of the project -

💵 0.58 NCN — for inviting a person and registering in the project. Condition: only a living, honestly invited person.

You can find you referral link in you personal account on the website after registration

☑️ How to buy NCN

March 26 — the next stage in the development of our project starts — ICO.

If you were planning to buy coins in order to first of all make good money and also support the project, but for various reasons did not do it yet, please do it now 💳, while the price is low and the purchase threshold is a very good opportunity. You know that time is also money.

NCN Price During Presale 1 NCN = 0.36 USD ONLY TODAY!
Minimal amount — 277.8 NCN / 100 $

🟡 NCN price during ICO 1 NCN = 0.86 USD…

Noda Project

🔥 Dear friends, colleagues, investors, there are only 5️⃣ days left until the end of the Presale stage and the start of the ICO stage❗️

🔸NCN is a digital token used throughout the Noda ecosystem to manage and secure the network. Users can use NCN by linking NCN to the Ethereum blockchain to secure the payment network, use it to get discounts on the platform, convert to fiat, and securely exchange for other DeFi-based cryptocurrencies.

Buy NCN at a low price to make good money — you can right now! …

EN | Drive new financial success in 2021 with Noda Research.

A special offer from Noda Research — a paid subscription to a private VIP channel with detailed cryptocurrency analytics.
Now our team of analysts and investors is actively engaged in investments in cryptocurrencies, in particular in projects with great potential. Our experience has shown that we can earn good interest for ourselves and our subscribers.
The offer is open to all comers and those subscribers who are already using free investment analytics in cryptocurrencies from our team of researchers.

The Noda Research team opens a set for 1 stream. …

We give NCN 💰🎁 for advertising actions. March 11–25! 2021

List of bonuses
💵 1.4 NCN — for inviting a person and registering in the project. Condition: only a living, honestly invited person.

💵 25–50 NCN — Placing an advertising post in an active crypto chat.

💵 50–500 NCN — Placing an advertising banner Noda on your website. Condition: A location that’s easy to spot.

💵 75 NCN — (for the entire time of the promotion). Maintain activity, a positive atmosphere in the chat, help those who have just come, answer common questions.

💵 50–100 NCN — Submit an advertising post on a cryptocurrency forum.

💵 50–100 NCN — Write…

For those, who:
- is engaged in advertising;
- is a blogger in the field of cryptocurrencies;
- has popularity, fame;
- has a website and a platform on social networks: Youtube, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Medium or another.

If you want to help our promising project develop and make good money at the same time, the advertising department of Noda Project can pay for your services with NCN coins.

1) To get an opportunity to tell about our project, to get promotional materials, send your data to our support
1. Information about you. …

1. Go to the official website of the project.

2. Register or enter your personal account.

3. Enter the number of NCNs you want to buy or the amount you are going to buy and click “Buy”.

Current stage: ICO

NCN price during ICO 1 NCN = 0.86 USD
Minimal amount — 200$

📲 Download the app on Google Play
📲 Download APK from the official website


NodaWallet is a one-stop exchange storage and dex application for cryptocurrency trading. Protect, manage and exchange your assets!
It is an easy-to-use multi-cryptocurrency wallet that can connect and trade through decentralized exchanges (Binance Dex. KyberSwap. MyEtherWallet) where you can easily buy any crypto asset.

Exceptional security.
your private keys are encrypted on your device and never leave it. Only you have access to your funds. NodaWallet is built on top of open source shared libraries. The Noda Wallet server infrastructure ensures that only you can access your digital money / cryptocurrency.

Instant exchange.
You can exchange a variety of coins and…


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